10 Tips to Sell Your Home

Number 1: Find the right agent.

Finding the right agent for your needs is so important. The right agent should know what they are doing, be flexible to your time, and be educated in the market your house is in. It is a must that said agent be proficient with social media, as social media is a huge place to help sell your home right now.

Number 2: Make a good first impression.

People are already judging your home before they walk inside. Keep the lawn mowed (or the snow plowed from your driveway) and maybe even plant some flowers. Make sure the yard is picked up and tidy. Curb appeal makes a giant difference in prospective buyers’ opinion of your house.

Number 3: Clean up the entry way.

The entry way is the first place people see when walking into your home. Make sure it’s cleaned up and not cluttered with coats or other belongings. A little bench and a vase of flowers can go a long ways for making a good impression.

Number 4: Make sure your house is listed on all major search platforms.

Make sure your agent is able to put your house on all the major home search websites. People are using apps on their phones to search for houses now, and that’s probably where they’ll spot yours.

Number 5: Depersonalize.

Prospective buyers want to envision their future lives in the house. They don’t want to picture how yours was. Take down family pictures to help them do that. 

Number 6: Declutter and clean up.

Your home will look larger if you have less stuff in it. Remove clutter and maybe even a couple furniture pieces to make your house feel larger. Renting a storage unit can come in very handy for this, instead of shoving everything in a closet where prospective buyers might see it, and think the house doesn’t have enough storage space. Also, no one wants to see half an inch of dust on your shelves or ceiling fan. Make sure there isn’t a big pile of dishes in the sink as well. 

Number 7: Lighten up the house.

Open those blinds and curtains up and get bright lightbulbs for your light fixtures, and turn them on before a showing. 

Number 8: Be flexible with showings.

You can’t sell your house if no one can see it. Be flexible when people can come see your house. It’s best if you aren’t home when it is getting shown. 

Number 9: Get professional house pictures.

Having professional looking pictures of your house is a must for marketing. Make sure your agent can take high quality pictures with a nice camera or hire a photographer if needed. 

Number 10: Each room should have a specific purpose.

If you have a spare room that doesn’t have a purpose; give it one. Turn an unused room into a guest room or an office so people think that it’s a useful part of the home.


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